Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Michael Crichton has died.

It was over before 11:00pm.  I could hear the "woo's" and fireworks not long after. Barack Hussein Obama is the 44th president of the United States of America.  I've already expressed my opinion on the election, so anything I'd have to say that would express disappointment  in the outcome for whatever reasons would just be futile.  

Congrats, Barack.  You've got a long way to go to live up to that savior status.  I hope that for some reason you are the change the country needed and things get better.  Your charisma, notably second-to-none, will take a side seat to action now that the election is over.

I very much enjoyed the humility from John McCain's speech.  He deserves so much respect. It's certainly not over for him.  He has been a servant for our country for more years than Obama has been alive, and he will continue to do so until his last breath I'm sure.

With that said, I very much enjoyed Obama's speech, too.  He showed so much class.  His speech gave me a great deal of ease that maybe he can be bi-partisan and break away from his title as one of the most liberal senators in congress.  I sure do hope.  I'd like to see an efficient government - one that restores our nation to the unrivaled best on the Earth. 

So, I voted. I took part in the democratic process.  I enjoyed a free donut from Krispy Kreme. And it was painful to watch the map of the United States turn blue I must say. But for the next four years at least, Obama will be my president. Our president. So I will hang onto every word of his addresses.  I will admire his position.  I will respect him and all of the honor that he represents.  Only 43 have come before him. 

It's going to be awfully hard for an African American person to ever claim that their color or descent is a barrier to their success from here on out, too. 

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