Monday, November 10, 2008

The Cab-Plain White T's-Dashboard Confessional- and Panic! At the Disco: Concert

The O'Connell Center was rocking on Saturday night to the stomps of sixteen year old girls' and homosexual guys' feet.

My baby-boo-angel-face had scored us tickets to this concert.  Overall, I'll say that it was a lot of fun.  We missed The Cab perform which no big deal because I had never heard of them in the first place.  The Plain White T's - despite their lack of stage presence - were OK.  They sang "Hey there, Delilah" so what really more could you have asked of them?  I'm not sure how old their band members are, but they seem like they've been at this rockstar thing for awhile now and just so happened to hit gold with a ballad about a girl named Delilah.  Just my take.  I won't bash them, though.  They at least produced a good pop sound.  And the guitarist was pretty handsome, I must say.

I was scratching my head as to why Dashboard Confessional wasn't the headliner for this concert.  They put on a great show with such songs as "Vindicated", "Hands Down", "Screaming Infidelities", etc.  But the real highlight of the entire concert, I thought, was when Dashboard got The Cab and The Plain White T's out on stage to cover the Pink song "So What".  I was feeling just like those adolscent girls and d***-sucking boys at that exact moment.  It was truly magical.  I would pay to see them cover that song again.  All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the Dashboard Confessional portion of the concert.

Now, Panic! At the Disco just couldn't get through the concert without saluting new President Elect Obama through a shout-out and song tribute - some song about change...or maybe it's called Change or something or another...Anywho, I hate when celebrities and bands share their political views.  That's like getting cooking tips from a mechanic.  You get the point.  With that said, Panic! was alright.  They've got a lot of songs that really get the party jumpin-jumpin in my opinion.  I wasn't sure how I felt about standing in the O'Connell center and listening to their music as oppossed to being in a club, party, etc but that's fine.  I enjoy a good portion of their music, and they played all the hits so I wasn't really disappointed.

Some notable people sitting around me and Jessica during the concert that I think are worthy of a shout-out: 

To the blantently gay, 15-ish boy just a few seats down - your flailing was entertaining to me.  It was very apparent that if the lead singer for Panic! had wanted you to go down on him you would have done so in a tit-whisper.  Your clear skin, perched lips, and closed eyes all made very convincing arguments for this. 

To the fat-chick sitting (mostly standing and jumping) in the seat right above us: Damn, you were making the whole section shake.  No joke.

To the nerdy-FSU guys sitting right below us: Wha? You drove all the way from Tallacrappy to see this concert? And you came together.  Two dudes came together to see this concert? I'm speachless.  Man, you guys were nerdy as hell.  I had a hard time believing you were in college, but all of the tom-a-hawks you were doing proved me wrong, I suppose.  I guess to your credit you knew all the words to Everlong by the Foo Fighters and Alive by Pearl Jam and we made a nice pair singing while waiting for the next bands to get on stage.  But I wouldn't doubt if one of you was going to give road head to the other on the way back to Tally.  Maybe you'll even switch off driving, too.  I mean, you guys took a lot of video and pictures, so you can't blame me for my snap judgements about your sexuality.

So in conclusion, the concert was a great way to spend the 8th of November.  I'm glad Jessica got us the tickets.  It was a lot of fun.  AND while we were at the concert, the Gators were in the middle of punishing Vanderbilt! (And seriously, Dashboard Confessional performing "So What" was awesome).


Anonymous said...

WHAT THE FUCK ASSHOLE? I'm the "fat chick that was shaking the whole section". You bitch. I'm gonna come over to your house, sit my fat ass on your face, and take a huge nasty dump on you! That or make you orally pleasure me. I'LL FUCKIN' KILL YOU!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey chuck!
You musta really pissed that skank off! Eh...she's fat anyways. And not a "you look comfortable wanna cuddle?" kinda husky like you, but a "wow you look like shit" kinda fat. Good bloggin buddy...