Friday, November 7, 2008

I've made a fair amount of mistakes. None that are narcotics related, though.

"I think they are actually going to turn out well this time," I said.  I was referring to the brownies.  They are baking as I type.  You see, last time we baked brownies they turned out a bit dry for some reason.  This time, though I think I've redeemed myself.

Enough about that, though.  As I was sitting on the toilet today and reading the biography of Sam Walton some more --I have been off-and-on reading it for awhile now --I just started thinking about what the hell I'm doing right now.  It's rough.  I'm still jobless.  However, I never shared in a blog the sketchy sales job I picked up for two days. (It sucks that I love sales and dealing with people so much but that every job related to this field is so sketchy!) Anywho, I'm reading about Sam Walton.  Who by the way is an amazing guy.  Just a real down home jee-golly business man.  He just had an awesome philosophy about the way business should be done and he ran with it gaining a lot of support along the way with his great attitude.  One of the things he said was that he was surprised that they were printing in the paper with such shock that he drove a beat-up pick-up truck and got his haircut from a barber in his home town.  This was in an interview in the 80's after he was said to have been the richest man in America at the time.  His reply was "Well where else do you get a haircut? And where would I put my hunting dogs if I didn't drive that pick-up?"  Just really a fantastic guy to read about.

So back to me.  I was thinking on the toilet about how I'm just spiraling right now.  I'm feeling more and more depressed daily.  And of course I've made some stupid choices and mistakes that haven't helped me out any, but the part that really sucks is that I've just never really had any margin for error.  No wiggle room to screw up, learn something, and then get right back to it.  That's how I feel anyway.  Sometimes I'd like to see the future or at least get a visit from myself from the future and just know that everything has worked out.

This post, I feel, has been a whole lot of nothing.  Maybe that's ok because that's what a blog is for sometimes.  I should probably put something of entertainment worth in this so I'll leave you with my opinion on this - Did you get a chance to read the Alligator today?  There was a print in the "letters to the editor" section that made me quite pissed off. I was just going to type the letter - in italics of course.
University Police Officer Overstepped Boundaries at Election Bash
By Perpetua Chery, 1LS
Nov. 4 should have been one of the best days of my life. However, that historic moment was tainted for me by the actions of a UF police officer. As I was walking into the Reitz Union Grand Ballroom to join my friends for the Elections Bash, a police officer grabbed me by the arm and pulled me toward her. While wagging her index finger in my face, she told me three times, “Don’t you ever push me when you walk past me.”
The first two times I apologized because, frankly, I hadn’t even realized she was there, let alone that I had touched her, but she still had a firm grip on my upper arm and was yelling at me like I was a child.
She let go, and I walked back into the room. I was completely shocked. I was humiliated and hurt, but after I thought about it, I became angry. She was supposed to serve and protect, but instead she hid behind her badge and bullied me. I tried excusing her actions and blamed it on a bad day, but in the back of my mind, I couldn’t help but think about it.
 Did she do it because I am a female? Did she do it because I am black? What if no one was around, would she have beaten me?
Then I realized no matter how far our country comes, there will still be a lot of ignorant people calling themselves Americans.

A few problems I have with this: Did SHE do it because I am a female? Did she do it because I am BLACK? What if no one was around, would she have BEATEN me?  The absurdity of these statements just astounds me.  This person played the race card for one.  One of the most unrespected tactics known.  She accused a female cop of treating her poorly (which her treatment is debateable because I'm positive she deserved it) for possibly being a female herself, and she said...what? She said that if no one was around would the cop had beaten her??! WTF.  The stupidity of it all.   I've got plenty more to say, but I'll stifle myself.  Your comments?

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