Saturday, January 24, 2009

I guess it's like Sam said: A situation like this isn't even deserving of rationalization.

Are there any songs about getting dumped? But also the song should be about getting dumped right before Christmas. And you guys had been dating for three solid years. Oh..and one last detail - the person who dumped you started dating someone else in less than a month after they broke up with you. Oh! And I alomost forgot that the song should also include the fact that the person they are dating is the same person that for the last four or so months had been texting, emailing, calling on the phone the person that dumped you. And for those four or so months you kept saying things like, "I don't like this guy. He's trying to get into your pants." 

Is there a song out there like that?

I was doing my usual Facebook stalking when I read in the news feed: Your ex-girlfriend is now dating the guy that you had been suspicious of for the last 4 months.

And I thought to myself. I said to myself. I said. "Damn you Facebook. Couldn't you soften the blow at all? You're heartless. And I pour all of my free time into you."

This is what I was talking about earlier when I was feeling inspired. It's what I was mentioning about technology. People don't tell people anything to their face anymore. They tell people to their Facebook.

I always see people in movies and how they react when they get broken up with, and I think - that's stupid. You're overreacting. Actually, they are under reacting. 

Here's what happened immediately following me reading the Facebook news feed:

I began to throw up. I literally started to throw up, and I couldn't control it. And that's weird. To throw up after reading something.

Then I got on my running shoes and shorts and all and I hit the door running. And I ran as hard as I could. Until I started throwing up again. The lyrics "Run until you're out of breathe, run until there's nothing left" apply.

I don't mean to whine. I know how when people read about how other people are being tortured on the inside, their immediate response is "You fuckin' pussy. Grow a pair." 

I've got a lot of questions, though. For now, I'll listen to some Ben Folds. Remember what I was saying about Fred Jones Part 2 and about how we could all relate to it? Fits like a glove here. "Life barrells on like a runaway train where the passangers change, but they don't change anything. You get off; someone else can get on." 

Or the classic "Song for the Dumped" which captures the angst of break-ups perfectly. "You said you wanted to take a break. Slow it down some and have some space. Well FUCK YOU, TOO!"

Coming Soon: Chuck's Top 5 Songs About Break-ups.
Feel free to comment on what your favorite break-up songs are and maybe you'll see them in the top 5!


Jeffrey said...

pearl jam's "black" (obviously)

the mountain goats "woke up new"

Elaine said...

speaking of ben folds: "you dont know me" by ben folds with regina spektor.
and lets be honest chuck--we all know youre listening to tons of old taking back sunday. no shame. its therapy.

Anonymous said...

try screaming along with some alanis well as any dashboard.... and "gives you hell" by all american rejects, the lyrics are great.

Anonymous said...

"Fuck you bitch" by Lloyd Thurman
Its an original, but serves the breakup song purpose