Tuesday, December 30, 2008

R.I.P. Orange Park Spaghetti House

In retrospect, I don't know what the hell was going on. 

Yesterday felt so long. It dragged on forever. Which is what I can't make sense of. Usually it's the bad days in life that do the dragging on. The good days are always the ones that leave you feeling gipped as if the earth started spinning a little faster just because you were having some fun.

I'll tell you, though. I wasn't off to a good start yesterday. That's for sure. I can't think of many (if any) times when I've woken up in my car and felt good about it. I was parked in the Kmart parking lot nonetheless. You never want to be in the Kmart parking lot. ANYWHERE except the Kmart parking lot.

I was feeling horrible about what had happened the night before. I'm not a big fan of what alcohol has been doing to me these days. It's bringing out all of the wrong emotions for some reason. 

The little hangy-ball thing in the back of my throat was so swollen and large that I could have sworn that's where all your brain's negative thoughts go to. I'm sorry. That sounded way too - um - hokey. But I'm just saying that the thing was huge. It was so huge that I swear to God I was almost choking on it.

That hangy ball is actually called your uvula. And with enough dehydration, it'll swell. That's what a night of drinking will get you: a swollen uvula.

So like I said, yesterday felt like a long day. It started off badly. To recap: woke up in my car in the Kmart parking lot, I was feeling depressed from the night before, my uvula was choking me because of how god forsakingly swollen it had gotten, I needed to shave - badly, and I had a nagging toothache. I'm sorry. I should have mentioned the toothache earlier.

The whole rest of the day went well. Let's recap: lounging around Jessica's house all day being cute with each other, quesadilla burger at Applebees with friends, and half-off hookahs at the Casbah because it was Monday.

I guess it felt good to have a long day for a change. This Christmas break is going by way too quickly. Every time I look at the date, my heart sinks a little. New Year's Day is Thursday. That doesn't seem right. It'll be 2009 in two days. 

I'm not sure how I feel about that.


Anonymous said...

Hold on, I want to know what happened to the Spaghetti House! Did it close?

Simply Chuck said...

The Spaghetti House is no more. We met up there the other night and found out that all that remained of the Spaghetti house was the sign on the building. It was vacant on the inside. How sad. How very sad.

Another Orange Park staple bites the dust.