Monday, December 22, 2008

The only thing more repulsive than watching a fat woman light up a cigarette is watching two fat women light up cigarettes.

Christmas has certainly come up fast this year. Which contradicts the feeling that I have that Thanksgiving feels so far behind us.

Christmas feels different, too. This holiday season feels more desolate than I can ever recall. It's tough to pin point what the problem is. It could be that some of the longstanding group members in the circle of friends can't be with us this year. Or it could be because the days seem so short and the weather outside is a dry cold. I've even thought that the feeling stems from the prevalance of non-touching buildings in town. There's too much space between everything, it seems. Especially people - and so desolate is the word that fits.

And aside from all of those characteristics, there's more to be remarked about the state of the economy and how it's changing all the headlines in the paper. Money is tight. Cash flow is slow. But still Christmas means cycles of giving and receiving. It's tough to shop on a budget.

Walking through the aisles of the department store I couldn't help but think about how all of my gift ideas felt uninspired. Anything I came up with seemed irrelevant. I wish my gifts could somehow change the recipients' life for the better - in the same way that when I browse the drama section in Blockbuster I'm always trying to find a movie that will ignite my passion for life.

It's hard to change someone's life on a budget.


And for the record, as soon as I can figure out how to do it, my blog will be moving to I'm very excited to have a concise web address. I think it'll be a real hit with all of the support from my readers. I'm almost up to 600 views!

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