Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Use your brain. Vote McCain.

I saw that Kathy Vejano had this as her facebook status and made me pretty proud and glad. Now, you knew that it was only a matter of time before I finally had to put my two cents about the election into a blog writing.

Again, again.  Verily, verily I say unto you:  I do not think that McCain is the best choice for presidential candidate that the Republican party had to offer. HOWEVER, he is one of the most decorated war heroes of our country's fine history and deserves everyone's utmost respect whether you are voting for him or not.

With that said, I will be casting my vote for him and this is no secret.  I've got a lot of problems with B. Hussein Obama.  It's tough to pick a starting point.  I'll try to gather some thoughts and explain them as clearly as possible.

Has anyone forgotten that Senator Obama hasn't even completed a full term as senator yet?  He became a United States senator in 2004.  His voting record looks more like an elementary school roll call (he's voted "present" on more than 60% of the time instead of a yes or no).  Maybe that wasn't even the best starting point for the reasons why I can't fathom casting my precious vote for Obama.  The number one reason might be the fact that he is a blatent socialist.  It's disgusting.  Spread the wealth?  Spread the wealth?  Are you serious?  Talk like that conjures up thoughts about the Vietnam war.  I realize the economy is in the shitter right now.  I REALLY know that because I've been job searching for the past month with no luck.  But the answer isn't "spread the wealth" as Obama told overnight success Joe the Plumber.  Let's take a look at a very basic economic concept.  (And this is coming from someone who has grown up in a lower-middle class household)...because I've never heard of poor people creating jobs.  In order for the economy to pick-up you need to give the tax breaks to the wealthy because the wealthy own businesses who can take the extra money and expand which creates new jobs which allows people to pay their mortgages, student loans, car payments, etc.  And when people can pay their bills that means that the banks can loan out more money so that people can buy houses, buy cars, take out education loans and basically put confidence and value back into our economy. Giving money to the poor will only result in frivelous spending - because poor people don't own homes.  Poor people don't invest in the stock market.  Giving money to the true middle class doesn't help out much either.  The middle class doesn't spend as frivelously.  They actually help out the economy least when the government gives them money in the form of tax breaks and stimulus checks because they may pay up their mortgage, electric bills, etc. but for the most part the middle class puts as much as they can into the bank because they are scared of not having money and losing everything.  So there the money sits.  Dormant.  So, in a nutshell, socialism does not work.  It looks great on paper, mind you.  It sounds great for us all to be "equal" and for things to be "fair" but it can't work, won't work, never has worked.  It takes the motivating factors out of the economy.

So let's move on because I could write an entire book (with the help of much painstaking research and help from Mr. Collins at Orange Park High) on why socialism is a stupid notion and why if you feel like it is you've got no sense of how things really work.  Moving on.  
My blog is going to post a video that I had originally posted on my facebook.  RJ Phelps directed me to it and it's an awesome and concise video that it an accurate tell-all about Senator B. Hussein Obama's character.  He is anti-American.  He is racist(Just read any portion of his book "Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance or listen to the countless sermons of his beloved ...dare I say pastor).  And I firmly believe this.  The writing is on the wall.  So instead of going any further into those comments I'd just like it if you watched the video and saw the truth.  I don't even know how you liberals are going to spin the video off as if what your watching is bullshit, but you will and that's ok.  You can keep the wool over your eyes.  You can continue to keep your brains turned off.  You can flock like sheep to the ballots and vote for the man who has things all wrong.

The video I've posted with this blog goes into some of Senator Obama's direct relations with international terrorists and his muslim affiliations, but real quick I wanted to mention (because I think it's a huge deal that is grossly ignored) is Senator Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers.  Have you ever looked the guy up?  Currently he is a big-wig in Chicago in consideration to education reform.  What makes this disturbing is his deep connection in the 60's and 70's to a TERRORIST group called The Weathermen who plagued the nation with various BOMBINGS and protests at national landmarks causing millions in damage and notably two people their lives.  Of course the two people who lost their lives were Weathermen theirselves, however.  And Obama has deeper connection with Ayers than just sharing a neighborhood.  Ayers has been a huge contributor to the Obama campaign and in Senator Obama's earlier career, Ayers had held many support rallies in his Chicago home.  Definetly worth talking about.

There's plenty more to talk about and if you are reading this and feeling opinionated I'd like you to express some comments.  No matter what side your on.  If you're casting your vote for Obama, then at the least, good for you for participating in the political process that men and women of the armed forces have fought for since the beginning of our great nation and that our founding fathers envisioned in Philadelphia so many years ago.  I'd like to find out, though, if there's some actual logic behind the choice for your vote still.  

There may have been a slight problem uploading the video onto the blog for some reason, but you can find it on my facebook wall or here's the link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUdjhKbImwE It is on youtube as I Invented the Internet: Episode One.

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